What is A Redfield Rangefinder?

Redfield has been in the business of making kickass rangefinders for years, and really, not a lot of rangefinders come close to a good old Redfield rangefinder.

Why so? Because a Redfield rangefinder combines a few aspects – aspects we all look for in our rangefinders, but rarely find. Tested, researched and built to last, they’ve made products as we know and love ‘em – and the reasons we do can be summarized in three simple points:

Rangefinders come for cheaper than you might find at Redfield, but that doesn’t mean that a great Redfield rangefinder isn’t worth every penny and more. It’s better to spend a bit more than to spend too little and end up with a defective product – and with things like rangefinders, where even a slight issue in accuracy or calibration can mean a wasted opportunity, the loss of hours of scouting and the shot of the day, you don’t want to go cheap.

Neither should you have to expect to go expensive. A Redfield rangefinder is an investment that pays off, and doesn’t leave your wallet weeping.


  • Comfortability and Reliability

When hunting, there are a couple things you want to be able to rely on – and one of them is your rangefinder. It helps when that rangefinder isn’t clumsy, heavy or inaccurate – and none of those adjectives apply to an even just decent Redfield rangefinder.

A Redfield rangefinder tends to be small – smaller than even most smartphones. However, despite that its size feels just right – awkward rangefinders can complicate things, making it tougher to handle your bow or rifle while fumbling with your rangefinder.

  • Spot On


Most important when going through rangefinders is accuracy. No matter what how affordable, comfortable or slick a rangefinder is, it’s practically worthless if it doesn’t actually work. The biggest, and simplest job a rangefinder has is the ability to accurately find an object’s range – and surprisingly, the list of products that fail tremendously in achieving that simple task is, well, long.

Redfield rangefinders aren’t on that list. Though you may have to put some cash down, your reward will be accuracy and longevity, and more value for your money than you’d have to worry about.

  • Another great thing about a Redfield rangefinder is its glass. It doesn’t fog up, it’s incredibly clear and crisp, and it’s got the added benefit of a simplistic, easy-to-spot yet unobtrusive black reticle.
  • It’s fast, too – and speed is an incredibly important factor when you’re out and about. In a hunt, targets move fast – you need to follow speed up with speed if you’re ever going to catch anything. A slow rangefinder becomes obsolete, and useless – you need something quick or else you’ll only waste your time fumbling around to get an accurate reading.
  • And finally, it’s got great mileage. Rangefinders rely on battery life to keep them going, and a Redfield rangefinder tends to be very long-lived. So while you may be paying more than you could, you’ll almost feel as though you’re paying less than you should.
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