DIY fix for a malfunctioning rangefinder

Get to know your rangefinders well

Rangefinders may serve a wide range of purposes. Thus, the people who use it come from different backgrounds. They may be used for:

  • Golfing
  • Hunting
  • ​Mapping
  • Construction

and so much more. Rangefinders play an important part in their owners’ work and leisure. What happens when they fail to work properly or stop working altogether? To maximize the use of rangefinders and avoid unnecessary time and money waster on repair service, a rangefinder’s owner must know its basic parts, common problems and basic troubleshooting.


A laser rangefinder normally has the following parts:

Getting acquainted with one’s rangefinder basic parts not only is a big plus for checking where exactly the problem could be, but is also useful in maintaining the quality of this equipment. Here are some of common problems that are encountered by rangefinder owners:

Common problems

Know that as much as possible, a broken rangefinder is best brought to its manufacturer’s service center. However, most problems are just caused by the owner’s unfamiliarity to the rangefinder itself, or the rangefinder model. In any case, check the common problems below and “first-aid” measures that you can do to detect or even solve the problem.

Blank dipslay

Most blank displays are caused by a change in mode on the rangefinder. Usually, you could check by simply changing the rangefinder’s mode through the mode button. However, if this doesn’t work, thoroughly check the user’s manual for various mode options and transition from one to other.


In some cases, a lose connection may be existing within the device. In this case, it is best to take the device to the manufacturer’s service center. However, if you are knowledgeable in design and you have the right equipment, you may open the device, spot the loose or broken connection, and fix it by yourself.

Difficulty in focusing on target

Difficulty in focusing on targets may often result in faulty readings and a less efficient rangefinder. This could be rooted to a blurry focus lens or laser output, so it’s really important to keep the device’s exteriors clean and spotless.


This may also be caused by weak batteries, so the batteries may easily be replaced by opening the battery cap to retrieve the old batteries from the battery chamber.

Faulty or no reading


This may be tricky. This may be a simple manifestation of a change in mode that clears all readings, texts, and lines on the screen or what may be commonly known as “clear screen mode”. Check the user manual for instructions on how to change mode, or simply try to press the mode button. This may also be a result of blurry exteriors.

If you have tried to fix, but that does not bring results, perhaps your rangefinder was broken badly. So the best advice here to avoid losing too much of your time that is:

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Water penetration


Being mainly used for outdoors, some rangefinders are waterproof. However, if a non-waterproof rangefinder is exposed to and penetrated by water, do not suddenly turn on. If possible, blow-dry and put overnight or for a few hours on a container with dry rice grains. Rice grains are known to be good in absorbing moisture, especially for gadgets.

Although it's crucial to maintain and reserve a fangefinder in good condition, sometimes you can't avoid problems with a rangefinder.  If it happened that your rangefinders din'd function like it should do, these useful advices could help you fix them on your own without spending too much time and resources."

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