Considering Newcon Rangefinder for Hunting and Other Purposes

Newcon Rangefinder: Stepping the rangefinding game up

Ever thought of getting a Newcon rangefinder for yourself?

Newcon is widely recognized as one of the top-rated brands most especially in manufacturing rangefinders that are tough and efficient enough to get various professional jobs done. From hunting and camping to search and rescue operations, surveilance , and other tactical purposes, there is always a newcon rangefinder that perfectly fits the bill.

Newcon Optik offers a wide array of products, but one that is worth tackling would be the Newcon Optik LRM 1800s. It is a monocular laser rangefinder that claims to be very accurate, steady and fast, and is one of the best in the market for laser rangefinders.

Let’s put this to the test as we discuss more of  Newcon Optik LRM 1800s’ best qualities, a complete set of its features, and its pros and cons. Keep on reading if you’d like to know more about this.



Newcon Optik is known for manufacturing rangefinders with special features that allow users to go way beyond typical rangefinding purposes. They make rangefinders that are greatly helpful for specific tasks like surveilance, and search and rescue operations. To be greatly effective, it needs to quality attributes that go beyond the normal range in laser rangefinders.

New Optik LRM 1800s has a built-in speed detector. Aside from finding the distance of an object, it could also calculate its speed. It is equipped with excellent optics at 7x magnification that could spot objects up to 1800 meters away with great accuracy and speed. Aside from its long distance rangefinding abilities, it could also work on practically any weather condition. This Newcon rangefinder is definitely strong both on the inside and outside.

Complete set of Features

  • This Newcon rangefinder is enclosed in a strudy water-resistant housing with a rubber armour and could withstand temperatures between -13 to 122°F or -25 to 50°C. The rangefinder itself measures 5 x 5 x 2.4″ or 13 x 12.5 x 6 cm and weighs 445 grams.
  • It has a fully multicoated optics with 7x magnification and 25 mm objective. It is equipped with an eye-safe 905 nm class infrared laser and a three channel rangefinder system.
  • It is very easy to use with its 10 measurement memory recall and in-view LCD display with system icons. As it finds distances, it could display speed and distance in the metric and  English measurement system.  The display further shows other functional details, such as battery level and measurement reliability indicators. A scan mode is also availabel for those who continuously want to rangefind. It is operated by 9V batteries and has a ¼” tripod mounting thread for thise that make use of tripod for stronger stability.
  • In terms of accuracy, it claims to have a speed detector with • ±1.24 mph (2 km/h) accuracy and a 1m accuracy for distance. It has an 8° field of view and a 56° apparent viewing angle. All in all, it’s a high-performance laser rangefinder and is perfect for those who are looking for a rangefinder of top quality, most especially for hunting and other tactical purposes.





One of the most undeniable advantages to this rangefinder is its price. For its range and features, its price is on the more affordable side of the spectrum. Some may say that it’s too good to be true, but for the price and specs, this is really worth trying.

It also offers a wide distance range that make others doubt. Some may think that this couldn’t possibly go beyond 500 meters, but the key to maximizing the wide distance range that this offers is knowing how to carefully spot your target with the laser. Once done, this is a stable, accurate, fast, and reliable rangefinder for most tasks that one could think of.


This rangefinder however, is found to be bigger and larger than its pricier counterparts. One may not exactly call it handy, but personally, the extra weight is welcome in exchange for its great performance.

In a nutshell,

We may say that this particular rangefinder from Newcon is definitely a must-try! That’s especially if you need a rangefinder with the capacity to measure long distances and the target’s speed. This is especially worth every cent for pros in rangefinding, but is also a good investment for beginners who want to start big instead of buying better rangefinders as they progress in their skills. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Certain content that appears on this website comes from This content is provided ‘as is’ and is subject to change or removal at any time without prior notice.
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