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I bought this rangefinder more than a year ago. It wasn’t a last minute or spur-of-the-moment purchase, but I needed an immediate replacement when my Leica dropped two floors down from our house and was understandably, broken.

I didn’t think that it was practical to buy another high end rangefinder on such a whim, but I had an upcoming tournament in about a week so I had to buy a new one nevertheless.


At first, I considered buying a used high-end rangefinder, but I took the chance to explore the online market and see if there are cheaper ones that may be worth trying.

It was one of the best decisions I’ve made, I would say.​"

Alex Homer
Fardevice Reviewer

Details about the TecTecTec VPRO V500 Golf Rangefinder


A year and a half from that moment, I’m still using it now and I’ve felt nothing short of pleased about this device. Here are my thoughts on TecTecTec VPRO500 after using it for more than a year. I would say that the experience with it was smooth and easy, and I’d like to share my experience about it.


Even though a TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangfinder is not a high-end rangefinder, it stills provides basic benefits for your need:

  • Practical - It possesses good functions just as others, but also offers you ease of supply.
  • User friendly - Its mechanic and display are simple to use.
  • Accuracy - the most important property of a rangefinder, and this one meets the demand, perfectly.

This laser rangefinder could measure up to 540 years in its continuous scan mode. It has a pinsensor technology and a water-resistant body. It provides fast measurement with 1 yard accuracy, which can provide accurate measurements even for overlapping subjects like golf flags, hazards, and woody areas.


The lens display is very clear with multilayered optics and data that is easy to read. The lens could display distance and a battery meter and could also show continuous measurement mode.

It is highly portable and light with a weight of 185grams and measures 104 x 72 x 41 mm. The water resistant body makes it adapted to hunting, golfing, or even surveying. This comes with a matching case and lanyard for ease of use, a battery strap, and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

This is one of the best decisions of his.

How about you?


This rangefinder has an advanced laser rangefinder system that could provide accurate measurements of up to 500meters rapidly. It provides sharp and clear images under varied conditions and also be used as a high-quality monocular. It comes with 6x magnification and as said, a 1 yard accuracy.

The fingertip operation and through-the-lens display makes usage easy and smooth.

It is mostly used for golfing. Better shot selection could help in improving game performance. However, its weather-proof design also makes it adaptable to other tasks like surveying and hunting.


This rangefinder really offers great value for its price. It’s a great product, let me start with that. It’s one of the most practical options in the rangefinder market.

It could compete with rangefinders that are twice its price."

Alex Homer 
Fardevice Reviewer

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The battery is a CR2 cell non-rechargeable battery that is common enough to be purchased anywhere. Depending on extent of use, it could last for almost a year. I don’t commonly use it, but at about twice a week, it lasted for almost a year.

It is easy to operate and light. The grip on my hand is also perfect and comfortable. It’s a risk to take for most, especially if you’re used to using high-end rangefinders, but I would say that the risk that I took was worth taking.


It reads accurately, from most of my experience, and it has no problems with closing in on a pin with the pin-finding mode. I haven’t tried this rangefinder for hunting, so that might be worth considering, if you’re a hunter and you’re reading this. But so far, it was worked beyond fine for my golfing endeavors.

The data is also easy to read on the lens. It doesn’t hurt the eyes or is blurred in any way. It doesn’t have Bushnell’s “jolt” technology and other technologies that brands have, but it’s accurate and durable! I am waiting to be amazed on how long this could last in my possession.


For the price this really feels superior but it mostly looks plain and bland in pure black. I think with half the price of high-end rangefinders, I’m happy that I get most of the practical purposes that I need it for.

So far, I have not much to say on the disadvantages because for the money I paid, this even exceeds my expectations.​"

Alex Homer
Fardevice Reviewer

I am sort of expecting though if it TecTecTec could come up with more rangefinding technologies and accessories, or other better features that could further step the game up.

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