My Review Of “Founders Club Golf Laser Range Finder with Slope Compensation”

Review Summary

I would say that one of the biggest highlights of this rangefinder for me is its durable built. It is water, dust, and even impact proof. I’m not the most careful person in the world, and that in itself says a lot about a device for me.


I’m a new golfer and I bought my Founders Club Gold Rangefinder almost a year ago. This really offers great value for the price. I’m new to golfing and I would say that I was really hesitant on making investments on it before. It’s a good thing that I came across this rangefinder and later on decided to push through and give gold a try. By far I am very much enjoying golf now, and I have zero regrets in this purchase.


I would say that one of the biggest highlights of this rangefinder for me is its durable built. It is water, dust, and even impact proof. I’m not the most careful person in the world, and that in itself says a lot about a device for me.

It’s a pretty simple device that is designed specifically for golfing, so if you are considering buying this but you think that you would be heavily relying on lots of features, I wouldn’t recommend this. If you’re all for functionality and value like me though, this one is really worth reading and researching more on.

I would first be describing this device’s specs. If you want to know more about my experience and thoughts on this, kindly read on to the end of this review. I hope this helps!


This rangefinder has a pin seeking function that locks in once it finds a flag for accurate distance calculations to the hole. Its slope function also provides data on corrected distance and elevation, depending on the slope.

Its optics ranges from 5 to 450 yards and has 6x magnification. It is fully waterproof too with a carry case strap, battery, and lens cloth in the package. It is lightweight and easy to grip.

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  • Founders Club is equipped with a ‘pole position” flag locator that makes use of highly accurate laser technology to accurately pick the distance out up to 225 yards away. Big trees, bushes, and other distractions are not a problem at all with this rangefinder.
  • It could operate at any golf course worldwide, has a +/-1 accuracy, and could range from 5-450 yards with 6x magnification.
  • ​It has slope and scan features and has a 24mm objective lens that is fully multi-coated. It creates fast measurement readings and automatically shits off after 10 seconds for battery saving.
  • ​The design is compact and light at 7 ounces in 4 x 1.6 x 2.7 in. It has a simple one button operation and an adjustable diopter too. Its body is fully impact, water and dust resistant, creating one sturdy rangefinder.
  • ​The Founders Club rangefinder can pick out the distance using its SLOPE feature which will measure the angle of incline/decline. Lightweight and ergonomic, play every shot with confidence, knowing you have the exact distance in your hand.

    Founders Club rangefinder is perfect for the golfer who only likes to have the highest quality equipment in their golf bag.


What I like about this product is it is really compact and light. It’s easy to handle, and the one button operation really makes everything simple. I could also easily attach the device in my pocket, or have it strapped securely on my belt.

Its durable and weather proof features also make me relaxed even when it’s raining outside. So far I haven’t encountered any problems with it yet.

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Another thing that I like about this rangefinder, which may be a drawback for others, is its very easy to use and simple features. It’s specifically designed to be a simple companion in golfing. It has everything that I need; slope calculations and pin seeking features, but for a better price, since it doesn’t have all the features that I don’t need in other devices.

Like I said, it’s also weather proof and created to be durable, which I think really makes it a wise buy.


Although I am mostly contented with this purchase of mine, I would say that this rangefinder is quite slow in spotting the flag at times. But for the price that I got it for, I don’t think I’ll be complaining. So far it has served its purpose well, and has allowed me to practice a luxurious sport on a budget.

I might consider getting a new one though if I decide to join tournaments.

A hunter’s bestfriend: the best rangefinder for hunting

If you’re looking for the best rangefinder in hunting, you’d be disappointed to know that there isn’t one best rangefinder that transcends human preferences. However, that isn’t final. There may be no “best rangefinder” for everyone, but there’s surely be one for you.


Here’s one of the best model for HUNTING!

In hunting, a rangefinder comes in handy in estimating the distance and other whereabouts of the moving target. With a rangefinder in hand, each shot is made with high certainty and careful planning. You don’t simply aim and shoot but carefully strategize. Efficient hunting requires spotting the target, determining the distance, and choosing the best position to shoot from based on the rangefinder’s findings.

In the process of ranging, each rangefinder owner always has a preference for performance which would mostly depend on rangefinder performance, feel, and look.

Here are some questions that you could research on before finding the rangefinder that would perfectly match your taste. Possible answers and some explanation on why each question is important are also explained below each question.

How much are you willing to shell out?

  • Budget is very important. Everybody wants high-quality and top-calibre devices, but could you afford or would you be willing to shell out much? If not, there are always lower-priced rangefinders that give much value for the money that you pay. If you’re on a budget, you need to know the exact things that you want in a rangefinder, so you can make the best decision with a limited resource.


What data would you need to be generated and integrated, if any?

  • A rangefinder could all basically provide range, but some could provide more, like temperature, pressure, angle of inclination, if you’re using a bow for hunting, some rangefinders even have an ARC mode that could help to estimate angles for shooting, since bow and arrow requires a lower or higher angle. There are some integrated with binoculars and there are users that prefer that.


Do you mind the size, weight, and form?

It’s not just about the aesthetics, but it’s important to know if a rangefinder will fit well and comfortably in one’s hands.

How durable are the materials used? How good are the lens used?

For any outdoor device, durability is required. Will it be broken when dropped? Also, lenses of higher quality generate a clearer view and better performance regardless of light conditions.

Do you need a weatherproof device?

Will your device be sensitive to water and dust? Both are always present outdoors, and a weatherproof rangefinder is always the better choice, but this could also take more money from the budget, so if you think this is not very important this could be overlooked.

How far on the average do you need the ranging capacity to be?

The farther the range, the better. But know the average range that you would need, because higher ranging capacity would also require higher costs. Check reviews carefully too and it’s always best to check the device personally. Some rangefinders claim to range up to 1700 yards, but have difficulty in ranging 550yards already.

Do you wear glasses?

Some eyecups are modified to be convenient for people who wear glasses. Better eyesight would mean better targeting, so this is also an important consideration.

Best Review Of Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder

Average rangefinders are plagued by a simple line of curses – mediocre durability, and unreliability. Sadly, these are the two things you want most in a rangefinder, and they also tend to be the things that tend to be rarest.

Which is why this is an exciting find. The Bushnell Medalist rangefinder brings a pretty nifty benefit with its price – total accuracy. And not just of the short-ranged kind – I’ve seen friends with a steady hand manage to hit a pin on the field at 600 yards in the first two tries; that’s over half a kilometer.



Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder

The Bushnell Medalist enjoys a good number of features. Firstly, it’s got the awesome usefulness of great magnification, an HQ LCD display, a total range of about 1,000 yards, and compact size. The thing doesn’t just fit in my hand, it slips into my pocket without a problem. Despite the screen and long battery life, it’s also rainproof – although admittedly, I haven’t had the chance to test that yet.

The magnification level on the Bushnell Medalist rangefinder goes up to 4 times – meaning you get a lot of viewing distance in such a tiny package. And tiny as it may be, it’s also really comfortable. The slick rubberized grip makes it easy to hold, so there’s really no hassle at all with using it.

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Aside from its superficial benefits, battery life and screen, note that this is just a regular rangefinder, mostly for golfing. It’s designed to hit the reflective edges of pins on the course, so you know exactly how far away your next target is going to be. It isn’t, however, the kind of rangefinder you usually take with you on a hunt. It won’t account for bullet or arrow drop, and neither will it try to. However, that’s to be expected – such rangefinders would cost you a lot more than a Bushnell Medalist rangefinder, and with some practice and intuition, this will do you just fine on most occasions.


  • An immediate pro is the amount of features the Bushnell Medalist boasts in its price range.
  • It’s got a great battery life, with newer iterations of the Medalist carrying a 9-volt battery.
  • It’s highly accurate, and excellent on the golf course with its pin seeker mode.
  • It’s compact and easy to grip, making it a very comfortable rangefinder without seeming too flimsy.
  • 4 times magnification and an LCD display for more accurate readings – and on top of all that, it’s rainproof.

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  • It’s incredibly sensitive. This means that you have to be careful, as sometimes its laser will hit the edge of a grass helm or stick, or some other hazard, and give you an inaccurate reading. Make sure you’re hitting the right target, and if you’re feeling unsure, try and get a second and third reading.
  • It doesn’t target hills, only trees, pins, poles, etc. It’s specifically designed for pins, the ones with reflective qualities, and the rangefinder comes with two modes – one designed specifically for pin seeking, and a regular mode.

Protip: try to shake the rangefinder gently so the laser recognizes the reflective pin, so you get the most accurate reading.

  • It’s not a ballistic rangefinders, so some hunters might be disappointed with this rangefinder’s, well, range of capabilities. For its price, however, it does just fine – better even.

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If you’re looking for a feature-rich, accurate and durable rangefinder for your golfing hobbies, then the Bushnell Medalist rangefinder is an excellent choice. It does as advertised – it gives you accurate numbers to at least 600 yards, and apparently can range all the way to 1,000 yards at most, it hits pins accurately and easily without you having to have an extremely steady hand, and it’s pretty easy to use and stow away.


Keep in mind that it’s also very sensitive, and it’s limited to ranging pins, trees, poles and such – which can be both a benefit and detrimental, depending on the situation. Most of the time, you don’t want to accidentally try to get the range for the hill-side, but there are times when you’d like to. If you don’t mind these things, then this is most probably the product for you.

What Is A Bow Rangefinder?

So, you may be asking yourself – what is a bow rangefinder, and why do I need it? Well, let me tell you why.

Archery is a gift that requires great reflexes, strength, and precision – but to master it, you need raw input. Your skill as an archer is dictated by your ability to perceive your environment, and act upon what little input you get back from your inquisitions – but just how deeply you can inquire on your surroundings is entirely dependent on your own, limited senses.

A bow rangefinder is designed to be a complete, portable package with which any and every archer can do a better job at doing what it is they do best – hit their mark, every time.


Leupold Bow Rangefinder, a quite famous brand

  • To Better See With

The first and most obvious perk of a bow rangefinder is its lens. You need to see your target to shoot it, and while we’ve got pretty good eyes (better than cats, but way, way worse than eagles), they’re not exactly good enough to ensure we get the best input before notching the arrow and letting it loose.

Vision is the primary sense you’ll be working with when using a bow – so it’s your most important one. One thing to definitely look for in bow rangefinders is their magnification level – some rangefinders might help you see thrice, or four times as far, while others will take your sight as far as 30 times. Now, you’ll most likely not need that level of magnification with a bow (that’s more of a hunting rifle binoculars sort of thing), but a certain level should be expected.


Rangefinder Magnification Level

  • To Better Shoot With

A bow rangefinder is much more than a light, glorified scope – its primary use is to check the range between you and your prey, and in addition, help you calculate how much of an angle you need to hit something. The further away your prey is, the higher you need to aim to make up for the arrow’s drop over distance – and even an experienced archer needs to know exactly how far his or her prey is before confidently loosening an arrow into the air.

Some archers complain that using a bow rangefinder dulls a hunter’s senses, and teaches them to rely on their tools rather than their skills – but the key is in using the tool, without letting it use you. There are limits to our general physical ability, and a simple piece of technology will let us get past our senses.

  • To Better Save With

Saving money and time is another aspect to consider when wondering what a bow rangefinder is, and whether or not this contraption has any use for you. To put it bluntly, notching an arrow and watching it hit its target is a miniscule fraction of a hunt – the rest involves actually tracking and following your target, and rangefinders cut out a lot of time by helping you determine a good shot that you might’ve not taken without the extra input. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Certain content that appears on this website comes from This content is provided ‘as is’ and is subject to change or removal at any time without prior notice.