Amazing Review of Nikon Forestry Pro Rangefinder

The development of this rangefinder has brought so much joy to me. It’s like it was designed for my existence! As a forester with poor eyesight with a somewhat careless attitude on my belongings, this is an ideal rangefinder.

First of all, let me begin with my penchant for waterproof things. As a person often outdoors, I own a treasured waterproof jacket, waterproof phone, and shoes. I despise wasting my other arm for holding an umbrella, and I’m not best in keeping my belongings carefully tucked away from water. Thus, being waterproof was one of my requirements when I first looked for a rangefinder.


Next, and I’m really extremely joyous for this, this model has a high-eyepoint design that lets me view the lens with glasses without worrying for distorted angles. With a high grade for both of my eyes, a rangefinder that allows me to use my eyeglasses while working is heaven-sent.

This rangefinder has a form that comfortably fits my hand and has a simple yellow and black color. One thing I really like about this is the material’s texture is not too smooth and glossy, thus, it doesn’t slip easily. It’s also not too rough and hard to clean. It’s just has a smooth matte surface that really matches my style.

Lastly, among others, Nikon Forestry Pro is extremely user-friendly and has all of top class’ rangefinders features, except this one is more on the affordable side.


Nikon Forestry Pro – Waterproof Laser Rangefinder


This rangefinder offers a weather-resistant and flexible measurement settings that could easily fit any lifestyle and need. Making the easy measuring job through rangefinders even easier.

Its lens has multi-layers of coating and a 6x magnification lens that won’t let the observer miss a target even from a far distance.


Weather resistant. This rangefinder is waterproof and the ultimate best friend of an outdoor enthusiast. The battery chamber is water resistant and this can be submerged in 1meter of water for about 10mins. Rain about to pour down? Stream ahead? No worries!

High Quality Imagery. The lens could magnify 6X and has a multi-layer coating to produce the best image possible for measuring distance.

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Flexible. View results in the LCD panel inside or outside, depending on what is more convenient. Results are displayed on both panels simultaneously.

View with eyeglasses. The high-eyepoint design allows people to view and find distances efficiently while using their eyeglasses- without sacrificing the danger of being inaccurate from an inappropriate angle.

Convenient and wide range for measurement results.  Results could be viewed in yards, meters, or feet and have a maximum of: 10-500 m/11-550 yd./33-999 ft.

2 measurement modes. First Target Priority Mode and Distant Target Priority Mode give measurements from nearby objects and even to the farthest range that could be reached bythe rangefinder. This is especially useful for hunters.



This rangefinder has 2 screens; one inside and one on the side, where results are displayed simultaneously. Thus, readings could be done while seeing the target through the eyepiece, or after focusing everything, on the side.

  • The finish of the rangefinder’s exteriors is also matte black and yellow, with power and mode buttons that could easily be reached on the top part.
  • Distance could also be measured from near objects to the target, or from the most distant point the rangefinder could reach to the target. The second mode is more useful for hunting purposes, something very useful especially in forests.
  • Lens is made of multilayers of coating that helps generate images of higher quality which can be zoomed up to 6x. It’s really helpful for people with a weak eyesight. It also has a high-eyepoint that’s perfect for people wearing glasses.

It’s waterproof. That’s a big plus, especially if the owner is working outdoors, where weather is unpredictable.

This model is affordable, user friendly, and very flexible. I have friends who never used a rangefinder before, but could touch it and hold it for a few minutes, and start getting measurements in a while.

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However, although the rangefinder is waterproof, it is only waterproof within 1m of water, for 10mins. It could be wet from rain or other bodies of water, but it’s not ideal to keep it wet or really submerge it. It also can’t be used for fining distances underwater.

Read My Review of Bushnell Sport 850 Rangefinder

The Bushnell Sport 850 is an affordable, accurate line-of-sight rangefinder without any fuss or weight – it’s light, incredibly easy to use, and it does what you need it to do quickly, reliably, and without you having to invest an arm and a leg. Perfect for tournament usage, or just general golf play, it’s a rugged rangefinder with a great grip and nearly 900 yard range.

It’s not my favorite rangefinder, but it’s definitely a recommended piece for anyone just starting out, especially if they’re unsure what to go with.

The Bushnell Sport 850 has got everything you want – it’s small, easily gripped, operates on a single button that gives you accurate line-of-sight readings of up to 850 yards (as you might have guessed from the name of the model) and it uses an eye-safe laser for its readings."

Bill Smith 
Fardevice Admin


Some people might say it’s lacking in magnification with only 4 times magnification – but I find that that’s more than enough. Any more than that and the image would get too shaky, especially since this model doesn’t have image stabilization. Just like most high-quality Bushnell products, and rangefinders in general, it’s rainproof.


Bushnell Sport 850 Rangefinder

It’s got a vertical design, instead of a horizontal one, making it even easier to grip in a single hand. I’ve heard people complain about its holster being too flimsy, but since I usually just keep my rangefinder in my back pocket, it’s never bothered me.


The Bushnell Sport 850 is perfect for beginners – anyone who hasn’t ever owned a rangefinder before and is looking into getting one should check out the 850 first. That’s what it was designed for – being an affordable, yet reliable option that does what a good rangefinder is supposed to do, without extras or surprises.

Basic range distance, basic magnification, good grip, compact size and design, and just a single button to interface with, making it an incredibly easy tool to work with.

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Although designed more for golfing, it can be a hunter or archer’s companion as well. That versatility, combines with its price, means Bushnell succeeded in making an entry-level affordable rangefinder that isn’t absolutely worthless.


  • It’s affordable, yet high-quality. A rare example in the world of rangefinders.
  • Durable and compact, easy to grip and even easier to use – perfect for first-time owners of a rangefinder.
  • ​Although some might say that its low magnification and range is a con, for its price it’s quite the pro.


  • The add-ons the rangefinder comes with – neck strap, holster and carrying case – are quite low quality.
  • It’s tough to work with at long distances due to the lack of any image stabilization, and unlike more expensive rangefinders, it isn’t designed explicably to hit golfing pins. Still, with some practice it isn’t too tough to use.
  • ​Battery life isn’t exactly substantial.
  • Being a laser rangefinder, it’s hard to get the range of a dark object because it doesn’t reflect the rangefinder’s laser very well. This makes the rangefinder less than ideal for hunting darker prey, especially in heavy foliage.

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The Bushnell Sport 850 is an entry-level rangefinder – but it isn’t something I’d recommend if you’re looking to seriously invest in your hobby. The cons don’t seem too major, but over time these minor nuisances become more and more of a hindrance. Still, if you’re only in need of a rangefinder occasionally, then it’ll be better to grab this model and save a lot of money, instead of in need of a rangefinder.

For golfing, the main gripe users will discover is that it can be really tough to hit the posts and pins past a certain yardage, even with magnification, simply because of the lack of image stabilization. It’s also hard to get a stable range reading when you can’t consistently hit your target, made worse by the fact that this rangefinder doesn’t have continuous reading capabilities.

To hunters, the main gripe would probably be the fact that the rangefinder doesn’t pick up on darker objects quite as much, making it tough to get an accurate reading on a mark with brown, black or otherwise dark fur. But, To hunters, it’s still probably the best line-of-sight laser rangefinder you can get nowadays.

Best Review Of Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder

Average rangefinders are plagued by a simple line of curses – mediocre durability, and unreliability. Sadly, these are the two things you want most in a rangefinder, and they also tend to be the things that tend to be rarest.

Which is why this is an exciting find. The Bushnell Medalist rangefinder brings a pretty nifty benefit with its price – total accuracy. And not just of the short-ranged kind – I’ve seen friends with a steady hand manage to hit a pin on the field at 600 yards in the first two tries; that’s over half a kilometer.



Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder

The Bushnell Medalist enjoys a good number of features. Firstly, it’s got the awesome usefulness of great magnification, an HQ LCD display, a total range of about 1,000 yards, and compact size. The thing doesn’t just fit in my hand, it slips into my pocket without a problem. Despite the screen and long battery life, it’s also rainproof – although admittedly, I haven’t had the chance to test that yet.

The magnification level on the Bushnell Medalist rangefinder goes up to 4 times – meaning you get a lot of viewing distance in such a tiny package. And tiny as it may be, it’s also really comfortable. The slick rubberized grip makes it easy to hold, so there’s really no hassle at all with using it.

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Aside from its superficial benefits, battery life and screen, note that this is just a regular rangefinder, mostly for golfing. It’s designed to hit the reflective edges of pins on the course, so you know exactly how far away your next target is going to be. It isn’t, however, the kind of rangefinder you usually take with you on a hunt. It won’t account for bullet or arrow drop, and neither will it try to. However, that’s to be expected – such rangefinders would cost you a lot more than a Bushnell Medalist rangefinder, and with some practice and intuition, this will do you just fine on most occasions.


  • An immediate pro is the amount of features the Bushnell Medalist boasts in its price range.
  • It’s got a great battery life, with newer iterations of the Medalist carrying a 9-volt battery.
  • It’s highly accurate, and excellent on the golf course with its pin seeker mode.
  • It’s compact and easy to grip, making it a very comfortable rangefinder without seeming too flimsy.
  • 4 times magnification and an LCD display for more accurate readings – and on top of all that, it’s rainproof.

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  • It’s incredibly sensitive. This means that you have to be careful, as sometimes its laser will hit the edge of a grass helm or stick, or some other hazard, and give you an inaccurate reading. Make sure you’re hitting the right target, and if you’re feeling unsure, try and get a second and third reading.
  • It doesn’t target hills, only trees, pins, poles, etc. It’s specifically designed for pins, the ones with reflective qualities, and the rangefinder comes with two modes – one designed specifically for pin seeking, and a regular mode.

Protip: try to shake the rangefinder gently so the laser recognizes the reflective pin, so you get the most accurate reading.

  • It’s not a ballistic rangefinders, so some hunters might be disappointed with this rangefinder’s, well, range of capabilities. For its price, however, it does just fine – better even.

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If you’re looking for a feature-rich, accurate and durable rangefinder for your golfing hobbies, then the Bushnell Medalist rangefinder is an excellent choice. It does as advertised – it gives you accurate numbers to at least 600 yards, and apparently can range all the way to 1,000 yards at most, it hits pins accurately and easily without you having to have an extremely steady hand, and it’s pretty easy to use and stow away.


Keep in mind that it’s also very sensitive, and it’s limited to ranging pins, trees, poles and such – which can be both a benefit and detrimental, depending on the situation. Most of the time, you don’t want to accidentally try to get the range for the hill-side, but there are times when you’d like to. If you don’t mind these things, then this is most probably the product for you.

Hunting Rangefinder Reviews From Experts

I have not been fond of hunting but it has been a subject of interest for me. Having acquired a Marlin Papoose take down rifle recently to improve my shooting, I decided to push my liking for ballistics further by engaging in the hunting season. The gun’s ease of use has become an amateur shooter’s arsenal, which I admit, am. My first experience during the muzzle loader season was a disaster. Not acquainted with real life shooting outside of the shooting range, my distance calculations were definitely off and I could not shoot at anything more than tree bark. This apparently scared of most of the game to the disdain of the senior hunters. So rather than worsening the situation with my off aim, I sat the rest of the session out. We went home with one deer.


Choosing My Solution

My father-in-law is an avid golfer and suggested a rangefinder to remedy my hunting problem. I didn’t want to sit the whole season out, I told him. He took me to the course a few days later to demonstrate the use of a rangefinder in calculating distance. With his Bushnell, he was able to merely point and shoot at a target and the laser would immediately pick up a reading which in my opinion was fairly accurate. This knowledge of the range between him and the hole allowed him to mentally calculate the effort in his swing and even in the trajectory of the ball. He won that day with scores at an all-time low. I was impressed with this and set out to find my own rangefinder as well.


The Simmons LRF 600

My criteria for a rangefinder were something that was within the limits of my budget. I was not too keen on paying $400 on a device I wasn’t going to use as often. I went online to compare prices of rangefinders and found on hunting rangefinder reviews that the Simmons LRF 600 was one of the most affordable on the market. I quickly checked its specs and here are a few that I found necessary to elaborate:

  • Has an in view LCD display which I find very important in a rangefinder
  • Has an optical magnification up to 4 times the original view
  • Employs just a single button for its operation
  • Has a range capacity of up to 600 yards supposedly

Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder

Advantages of the Simmons LRF 600

So for one-fourth the price of a Bushnell or any other elite rangefinder brand, I thought the Simmons LRF 600 would be efficient for my amateur hunting skills. I’m not very skilled with the particulars of rangefinder technology so the simplicity of the LRF 600 was an added plus. Other advantages of this device are as follows:

  • Gives accurate readings up to 100 plus yards

According to hunting rangefinder reviews, the Simmons LRF 600 is pretty accurate up to 200 yards despite its advertised 600 yard range. I went to the reserve to try out my new toy and I was pretty happy with the immediate results. At 50 to 100 yards it was very accurate even if there were large trees that acted as makeshift obstacles. Above 100 to 200 yards, it gave readings with an error of one or two yards more or less. I needed to do a number of tries before settling with the most precise reading.

  • Easy to use

I personally love the vertical design of the LRF 600. It fits great in the palm of my hand even in a relaxed grip. The single button operation is also a relief especially for quick readings.

Disadvantages of the Simmons LRF 600

Although it worked great the first time I used it, it started to show some flaws later on. These are the disadvantages below:

  • Can be unreliable at times

The LRF was advertised to give accurate readings up to 600 yards but point it at anything more than 200 yards and it loses accuracy. I don’t expect myself to snipe a deer at 300 yards but I still would have enjoyed a superior product as said in hunting rangefinder reviews.


Simmons Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Intelligence laser Rangefinder

  • Sucks at low light conditions

Not that the Simmons LRF 600 can’t perform when there’s an overcast, but it’s figures in the LCD display become hard to read. This is particularly because of the black font that displays the readings which become almost camouflaged in low light conditions.

All in all, the Simmons LRF 600 is a great device for amateurs in hunting like me. Despite its flaws, I’m not necessarily bothered because I don’t plan to shoot anything more than 200 yards. And for its price, it really does deliver. I’m glad I did my research on hunting rangefinder reviews before making this purchase.

Best Simmons Rangefinder Review

With hunting season just around the corner, my anxiety to accurately shoot at a moving target increased as well. I’m an old school kind of guy and rely on my ability point and shoot, but unfortunately, my eyesight and intuition can only go so far. Last season, hunting in a dreary overcast, my aim was off and I wasn’t able to score any big game as I had used to. With the buzz of new devices to complement my aim, I decided to do my research.

Why I Wasn’t Hitting My Targets


Missing target is a pain in my ass!

In a shooting range or archery, you are given multiple chances to hit the target. However, in real life hunting, you are only given one chance to hit the target dead on (literally). On a bad day, and by bad I mean low light conditions with a chance of rain, it is more difficult to aim at targets further away from you. Anything more than a hundred yards can cause an immediate eye strain. Include a number of giant trees between you and a deer, and you’re almost sure it had run off to hide elsewhere. The fact that I couldn’t provide myself with an accurate distance was a huge let down for my hunting skills last season.

How I Remedied This

A few friends of mine have been raving about a rangefinder they purchased recently and tried on an open target practice. They told me that the device provided them accurate readings up to 200 yards. I found out recently that this was the Bushnell V3. After careful research online, I found that the Bushnell line was not for me since it seemed best suited for golf and it was at a whopping price. I found the Simmons LRF 600 on Amazon and was immediately attracted to it because of its sleek designs, one in all black and another in a handsome camouflage design. Also, it was one of the most affordable rangefinders on the online market. And after reading a number of Simmons rangefinder reviews, it seemed the best bang for my buck.

What To Expect With The Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder

  • Provides accurate readings up to 600 yards as advertised
  • Gives the user 4 times optical magnification
  • Includes an in view LCD display for speedier readings
  • Utilizes a single operation button for simple and easy use
  • Sleek vertical design that allows a more secure grip and quicker storage

Simmons Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Intelligence laser Rangefinder


  • Completely unreliable after 200 yards

Although advertised as providing accurate readings up to 600 yards, the Simmons LRF 600 fails to do so at 200-300 yards. However, it is very accurate at 50 to 150 yards but readings start to falter in their precision after the 150 yard range. Even Simmons rangefinder reviews will attest to this flaw. This isn’t a huge setback for me however, since my farthest target is usually within a 200 yard range. I don’t own a sniper rifle, and don’t plan to purchase one any time soon.

  • Hard to read in low light conditions

I purchased a rangefinder to help me especially in overcast or dreary weather conditions. Unfortunately, the Simmons LRF 600 uses a black font color in its LCD display which makes it almost impossible to read in low light or at dusk.

  • Does not include a 9-volt battery with the purchase

The 9-volt battery is easily replaced and I prefer this over rechargeable models which can go dead in the middle of a hunting session. However, the 9-volt version is a bit outdated and I need to go to special hardware stores to purchase a replacement. The solution: Buy the batteries in bulk.

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Who This Is Best For?

The Simmons LRF 600 is best for seasonal hunters. If you don’t plan to shoot anything more than 200 yards, then by all means try this product. According to Simmons rangefinder reviews, it is one of the cheapest devices in the market. I personally consider myself an amateur hunter and have been happy with the LRF 600 despite its minor setbacks. I also normally hunt when the weather permits so the troublesome LCD display in low light conditions is not a huge flaw for me either.


The Simmons LRF 600 however is not for professional hunters that require more technical features and more precise readings at further distances. It is also not for the all-weather hunter since it is not very effective in low light conditions.

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