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With hunting season just around the corner, my anxiety to accurately shoot at a moving target increased as well. I’m an old school kind of guy and rely on my ability point and shoot, but unfortunately, my eyesight and intuition can only go so far. Last season, hunting in a dreary overcast, my aim was off and I wasn’t able to score any big game as I had used to. With the buzz of new devices to complement my aim, I decided to do my research.

Why I Wasn’t Hitting My Targets


Missing target is a pain in my ass!

In a shooting range or archery, you are given multiple chances to hit the target. However, in real life hunting, you are only given one chance to hit the target dead on (literally). On a bad day, and by bad I mean low light conditions with a chance of rain, it is more difficult to aim at targets further away from you. Anything more than a hundred yards can cause an immediate eye strain. Include a number of giant trees between you and a deer, and you’re almost sure it had run off to hide elsewhere. The fact that I couldn’t provide myself with an accurate distance was a huge let down for my hunting skills last season.

How I Remedied This

A few friends of mine have been raving about a rangefinder they purchased recently and tried on an open target practice. They told me that the device provided them accurate readings up to 200 yards. I found out recently that this was the Bushnell V3. After careful research online, I found that the Bushnell line was not for me since it seemed best suited for golf and it was at a whopping price. I found the Simmons LRF 600 on Amazon and was immediately attracted to it because of its sleek designs, one in all black and another in a handsome camouflage design. Also, it was one of the most affordable rangefinders on the online market. And after reading a number of Simmons rangefinder reviews, it seemed the best bang for my buck.

What To Expect With The Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder

  • Provides accurate readings up to 600 yards as advertised
  • Gives the user 4 times optical magnification
  • Includes an in view LCD display for speedier readings
  • Utilizes a single operation button for simple and easy use
  • Sleek vertical design that allows a more secure grip and quicker storage

Simmons Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Intelligence laser Rangefinder


  • Completely unreliable after 200 yards

Although advertised as providing accurate readings up to 600 yards, the Simmons LRF 600 fails to do so at 200-300 yards. However, it is very accurate at 50 to 150 yards but readings start to falter in their precision after the 150 yard range. Even Simmons rangefinder reviews will attest to this flaw. This isn’t a huge setback for me however, since my farthest target is usually within a 200 yard range. I don’t own a sniper rifle, and don’t plan to purchase one any time soon.

  • Hard to read in low light conditions

I purchased a rangefinder to help me especially in overcast or dreary weather conditions. Unfortunately, the Simmons LRF 600 uses a black font color in its LCD display which makes it almost impossible to read in low light or at dusk.

  • Does not include a 9-volt battery with the purchase

The 9-volt battery is easily replaced and I prefer this over rechargeable models which can go dead in the middle of a hunting session. However, the 9-volt version is a bit outdated and I need to go to special hardware stores to purchase a replacement. The solution: Buy the batteries in bulk.

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Who This Is Best For?

The Simmons LRF 600 is best for seasonal hunters. If you don’t plan to shoot anything more than 200 yards, then by all means try this product. According to Simmons rangefinder reviews, it is one of the cheapest devices in the market. I personally consider myself an amateur hunter and have been happy with the LRF 600 despite its minor setbacks. I also normally hunt when the weather permits so the troublesome LCD display in low light conditions is not a huge flaw for me either.


The Simmons LRF 600 however is not for professional hunters that require more technical features and more precise readings at further distances. It is also not for the all-weather hunter since it is not very effective in low light conditions.

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