Hunting and Golf Rangefinders: Spot the difference

Rangefinders are devices used to find objects and measure the distance between it and the user. This is typically used for fieldwork, especially when the person is unable to physically measure the distance due to a mobile target or simply because the environment wouldn’t allow. Its uses are diverse, but it is mostly functional and sought after for golf and hunting.

The demand for rangefinders in these two fields has made significant changes and specializations in rangefinders for golfing and hunting. The question is, are they interchangeable? Is it possible to use a golf rangefinder for hunting and vice versa?

To be specific and direct, yes, both could be used for the other because essentially, it is still aimed to measure distances. As a matter of fact, some rangefinders could do both with some clicks and change in settings.

However, it is vital to dissect each difference that they share and what makes each well adapted to its specialization. This way, when using a golf or hunting rangefinder for other purposes, one would know how the rangefinder would work and what it would focus on – considering that it is made and designed to specially serve a specific purpose: either for golfing or for hunting.

YINGNEW Laser Rangefinder 6x ,Speed and Range Finder for Hunting

YINGNEW Laser Rangefinder 6x ,Speed and Range Finder for Hunting


Rangefinders are used in golf to find the pin. This makes its softwared geared towards finding the nearest object, the pin, and seperating the background for faster and smoother focus. Golf rangefinders use technology that make finding the pin easy. Leupold calls it PinHunter, Nikon call it FTPM or First Target Priority Mode, and Bushnell calls it Pinseeker.

While golf rangefinders find the nearest object and separate it from the background, hunting rangefinders on the other hand tend to look for more distant objects. This makes sense, considering that in shady areas, the target will be way behind some leaves and bushes in the foreground that could be distracting.

Although this is the case, some hunting rangefinders are still reported to be efficient enough for golf, while other rangefinders, as already said, are designed to be able to switch modes from one that is ideal for golf (finding close targets) to one that is ideal for hunting.


In terms of slope, both are equipped with inclinometers for measuring the inclination in the field. Some parts of golf courses are inclined and one could also incounter varying slopes for hunting too.


Being specialized for golfing or hunting does not specifically affect the range of a rangefinder. The ranging capacity still depends on the model and brand. Newer and more expensive models usually have a longer range.


Magnification is significant in finding the object that one is supposed to range. Most rangefinders have the same magnification capacities. Usually, a hunter needs a higher magnification, since a hunting environment is variable at most times and a target could be very far from the user. Golfing on the other hand, has set distances and wouldn’t require a very high magnification.

Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder

If you are considering to use the rangefinder for both purposes and your budget isn’t restricted, a higher magnification would be a good option.

Weatherproofing and durability

Hunting is definitely subjected to more variable and sometimes harsh environments compared to golfing. Although this isn’t  very related to the sport per se, it is a consideration for getting a rangefinder. Weather-resistance is not uncommon to rangefinders. However, if you expect your rangefinder to meet tough days, weather proof body and optics would be a good investment. If you hunt (or plan to hunt) in places with unpredictable weather, a weatherproof gear would be perfect. A tough body that is water, dust, and shock proof would be worth every buck.

Other modes

Some other modes are available in specialized rangefinders. Take for example, hunting rangefinders have a ballistic mode that accurately measures a bullet drop based on the bullet’s weight, velosity, and the used caliber. Some even give information on how much hold-over is needed.

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder  - Best Seller

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder – Best Seller

Sometimes buying one top-of-the-line rangefinder that is packed with features could be cheaper than buying two. If you do both golfing and hunting, consider getting a good one that does a good job in both. However, if you only do one of the two and you want to be practical, know what you need based on the said criteria before making a decision.

A hunter’s bestfriend: the best rangefinder for hunting

If you’re looking for the best rangefinder in hunting, you’d be disappointed to know that there isn’t one best rangefinder that transcends human preferences. However, that isn’t final. There may be no “best rangefinder” for everyone, but there’s surely be one for you.


Here’s one of the best model for HUNTING!

In hunting, a rangefinder comes in handy in estimating the distance and other whereabouts of the moving target. With a rangefinder in hand, each shot is made with high certainty and careful planning. You don’t simply aim and shoot but carefully strategize. Efficient hunting requires spotting the target, determining the distance, and choosing the best position to shoot from based on the rangefinder’s findings.

In the process of ranging, each rangefinder owner always has a preference for performance which would mostly depend on rangefinder performance, feel, and look.

Here are some questions that you could research on before finding the rangefinder that would perfectly match your taste. Possible answers and some explanation on why each question is important are also explained below each question.

How much are you willing to shell out?

  • Budget is very important. Everybody wants high-quality and top-calibre devices, but could you afford or would you be willing to shell out much? If not, there are always lower-priced rangefinders that give much value for the money that you pay. If you’re on a budget, you need to know the exact things that you want in a rangefinder, so you can make the best decision with a limited resource.


What data would you need to be generated and integrated, if any?

  • A rangefinder could all basically provide range, but some could provide more, like temperature, pressure, angle of inclination, if you’re using a bow for hunting, some rangefinders even have an ARC mode that could help to estimate angles for shooting, since bow and arrow requires a lower or higher angle. There are some integrated with binoculars and there are users that prefer that.


Do you mind the size, weight, and form?

It’s not just about the aesthetics, but it’s important to know if a rangefinder will fit well and comfortably in one’s hands.

How durable are the materials used? How good are the lens used?

For any outdoor device, durability is required. Will it be broken when dropped? Also, lenses of higher quality generate a clearer view and better performance regardless of light conditions.

Do you need a weatherproof device?

Will your device be sensitive to water and dust? Both are always present outdoors, and a weatherproof rangefinder is always the better choice, but this could also take more money from the budget, so if you think this is not very important this could be overlooked.

How far on the average do you need the ranging capacity to be?

The farther the range, the better. But know the average range that you would need, because higher ranging capacity would also require higher costs. Check reviews carefully too and it’s always best to check the device personally. Some rangefinders claim to range up to 1700 yards, but have difficulty in ranging 550yards already.

Do you wear glasses?

Some eyecups are modified to be convenient for people who wear glasses. Better eyesight would mean better targeting, so this is also an important consideration.

Hunting Rangefinder Reviews From Experts

I have not been fond of hunting but it has been a subject of interest for me. Having acquired a Marlin Papoose take down rifle recently to improve my shooting, I decided to push my liking for ballistics further by engaging in the hunting season. The gun’s ease of use has become an amateur shooter’s arsenal, which I admit, am. My first experience during the muzzle loader season was a disaster. Not acquainted with real life shooting outside of the shooting range, my distance calculations were definitely off and I could not shoot at anything more than tree bark. This apparently scared of most of the game to the disdain of the senior hunters. So rather than worsening the situation with my off aim, I sat the rest of the session out. We went home with one deer.


Choosing My Solution

My father-in-law is an avid golfer and suggested a rangefinder to remedy my hunting problem. I didn’t want to sit the whole season out, I told him. He took me to the course a few days later to demonstrate the use of a rangefinder in calculating distance. With his Bushnell, he was able to merely point and shoot at a target and the laser would immediately pick up a reading which in my opinion was fairly accurate. This knowledge of the range between him and the hole allowed him to mentally calculate the effort in his swing and even in the trajectory of the ball. He won that day with scores at an all-time low. I was impressed with this and set out to find my own rangefinder as well.


The Simmons LRF 600

My criteria for a rangefinder were something that was within the limits of my budget. I was not too keen on paying $400 on a device I wasn’t going to use as often. I went online to compare prices of rangefinders and found on hunting rangefinder reviews that the Simmons LRF 600 was one of the most affordable on the market. I quickly checked its specs and here are a few that I found necessary to elaborate:

  • Has an in view LCD display which I find very important in a rangefinder
  • Has an optical magnification up to 4 times the original view
  • Employs just a single button for its operation
  • Has a range capacity of up to 600 yards supposedly

Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder

Advantages of the Simmons LRF 600

So for one-fourth the price of a Bushnell or any other elite rangefinder brand, I thought the Simmons LRF 600 would be efficient for my amateur hunting skills. I’m not very skilled with the particulars of rangefinder technology so the simplicity of the LRF 600 was an added plus. Other advantages of this device are as follows:

  • Gives accurate readings up to 100 plus yards

According to hunting rangefinder reviews, the Simmons LRF 600 is pretty accurate up to 200 yards despite its advertised 600 yard range. I went to the reserve to try out my new toy and I was pretty happy with the immediate results. At 50 to 100 yards it was very accurate even if there were large trees that acted as makeshift obstacles. Above 100 to 200 yards, it gave readings with an error of one or two yards more or less. I needed to do a number of tries before settling with the most precise reading.

  • Easy to use

I personally love the vertical design of the LRF 600. It fits great in the palm of my hand even in a relaxed grip. The single button operation is also a relief especially for quick readings.

Disadvantages of the Simmons LRF 600

Although it worked great the first time I used it, it started to show some flaws later on. These are the disadvantages below:

  • Can be unreliable at times

The LRF was advertised to give accurate readings up to 600 yards but point it at anything more than 200 yards and it loses accuracy. I don’t expect myself to snipe a deer at 300 yards but I still would have enjoyed a superior product as said in hunting rangefinder reviews.


Simmons Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Intelligence laser Rangefinder

  • Sucks at low light conditions

Not that the Simmons LRF 600 can’t perform when there’s an overcast, but it’s figures in the LCD display become hard to read. This is particularly because of the black font that displays the readings which become almost camouflaged in low light conditions.

All in all, the Simmons LRF 600 is a great device for amateurs in hunting like me. Despite its flaws, I’m not necessarily bothered because I don’t plan to shoot anything more than 200 yards. And for its price, it really does deliver. I’m glad I did my research on hunting rangefinder reviews before making this purchase.

Read my honest Leupold Rangefinder reviews

Just this recent hunting season, I had the opportunity to use a Leupold 112179 RX-1000i TBR W/DNA to my shooting advantage. After trying a number of rangefinders, I was honored to finally get my hands on this one especially after reading the rave Leupold rangefinder reviews online. I am technically new to all this technology so the point and shoot system is what I prefer best. But let me tell you, the RX-100i creams the single button operation completely. The Leupold 112179 RX-1000I TBR W/DNA is a very sophisticated hunting instrument and seems way ahead of its time.

Why Some Rangefinders Don’t Cut It


Leupold 112179 RX-1000I TBR W/DNA

A rangefinder is simply a device to aid you with your shot through range acquisition. Because it utilizes optics, it needs to provide you the clearest image once your eye touches the scope. Unfortunately, more archaic models have a permanent dim within the lens making it impossible to see the distance in low light conditions. Although developments in the technology and design have eliminated slow measurements, noise and bulk, it seems that there is still a problem with battery life. My old Bushnell worked like a charm but sucked batteries dry in a month’s time with heavy use. And while others carried on with their shooting, I was stuck looking for replacement batteries.

How You Can Remedy This

If you’re not happy with your current device, get one that will be worth the price. There are cheap rangefinders out there but are not conducive to an overcast situation or could easily break in the rain. I personally look for weather-proof rangefinders that don’t let water seep into its interior and that don’t fog up. More than rain, the worst thing you can see through the lens is not seeing at all. Fog and condensation that enters the device can really ruin a hunting session. Look for a rangefinder that can truly fit your needs. Leupold rangefinder reviews have provided me with enough information to really consider purchasing a RX-100i.

What You Can Expect From the Leupold 112179 RX-1000i TBR W/DNA

  • Uses a True Ballistics Range instead of the typical line of sight
  • Reaches up to 800 yards and even 1000 yards for reflective objects
  • Offers a wider field of view and up to 6 times magnification
  • Has an OLED display considered more vivid than LED
  • Utilizes a Digitally eNhanced Accuracy (DNA) engine
  • Allows users to select from three reticles: Leupold Plus Point, Duplex and a combination of both

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What Reviews Are Saying

  • Unique DNA system

What makes the Leupold RX-100i so unique is its advanced electronic system called the DNA system which is able to provide ultra-fast and very accurate readings. It gives half yard and even one-tenth yard measurements for precise range acquisition.

  • True Ballistics Range bonus

Compared to other rangefinders that are limited to the existing line of sight, the RX-100i has an added feature. According to Leupold rangefinder reviews, this device employs a number of modes you can choose from including both the basic Line of Sight and the True Ballistics Range which has an internal inclinometer and takes the angle of the shot into consideration.

  • Ingenious design and long battery life

With one button for power and another for the mode, theLeupold 112179 RX-1000i TBR W/DNA can seem pretty complicated but setting it to the right mode and it can work in about any conditions, especially with adjustable reticle options. Hit the power button to turn on the device and press it again if you want continuous readings. It is smart enough to turn itself off after several seconds to save battery life although it is known to go up to 10,000 cycles.



Well, you get used to the mode button after a while and will see its significance in low light conditions since it is still able to provide a clear display of the readings. The TBR is also a great bonus however, in situations of wind, fog and rain; it doesn’t really make a difference with other rangefinders. Although this issue is not a big bump on the road, the Leupold RX-100i operates on a single CR2 battery which is pretty pricey but still long-lasting.


What is TBR?

Who This Is Best For?

Master hunters that want precise readings in a short amount of time will definitely appreciate the technology of the device as it is perfect for quick and elusive targets. Leupold rangefinder reviews also attest to the durability of the device and it is best for rugged conditions. Archers also seem to benefit from the Leupold RX-100i’s True Ballistics Range as it concerns the shot’s angle. All in all it is recommended to anyone serious with their hunting and shooting.

Incoming search terms:

  • leupold rx-1200i tbr/w range finder review

Best Nikon ProStaff 3 Laser Rangefinder Review

Brief summary of this product review

Aim better and become a better hunter with the help of the Nikon ProStaff 3 Laser Rangefinder. PS: I have to say this product is incredible! Never thought that there would be a such amazing product at this low price.


Do you enjoy hunting or would you simply like to do better when it comes down to shooting a rifle and practicing your accuracy? Would you like to be able to measure distances perfectly?  Well, the Nikon ProStaff 3 Laser Rangefinder represents a great product that just about anyone can use. I personally bought device a couple of months back and so far, my experience has been simply great. With this in mind, I invite you to carry on reading and to learn more about this device.


Nikon ProStaff 3 Laser Rangefinder

Features of the Nikon ProStaff 3 Laser Rangefinder

  • The device offers a true 500 yard ranging capability that can be used for just about any hunting situation that may arise. It is also perfect for measuring distances in many different areas.
  • In order to provide some of the best optics in many lighting conditions, the device offers bright and multi-coated 6x Optics. As you may know, the optics created by Nikon are known to offer anti-reflective coatings as well, thus offering incredibly high-resolution image which I truly love.
  • It has a great LCD display that is not cluttered, which also allows for easy ranging, regardless of whether it is done in bright sunlight or not. It has only failed on me once, and that was due to the fact that by mistake, I was actually pointing the device too high up.

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I also like the fact that it features the idea of single button operation that is essential when it comes down to making fast and easy measurements.

In order to save battery life, but also save time, the Nikon ProStaff 3 Laser Rangefinder powers down automatically 8 seconds after it has displayed the needed information.

To make things even easier for people from all around the world, the device also is of an ultra-compact size. This means that it can easily fit in a pocket or pack. Additionally, other rangefinders on the market are known to interfere with the user’s shot, but this one can be easily worn on the belt in order to reduce the chances of that ever happening and of other uncomfortable situations that people may find themselves in.

Benefits of the product

By keeping in mind the features that have been highlighted above, I personally consider the device to great for just about anyone and that it offers a wide variety of benefits that should be enough when it comes down to making a decision on whether the product is worth it or not.

  • First of all, I must say that its great range of 550 years is perfect for just about any hunting situations that users can find themselves in, mostly due to the fact that taking a shot from a longer distance requires a great deal of training and is also something that is not bound to happen too often. If you’re like me and you easily find yourself in situations where you need to measure distances, chances are that you won’t need to measure more than 550 yards.

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  • The device’s battery life is great, so the chances of being left without power while you’re trying to take a shot are incredibly low, as users from all around the world have stated that the device lasts a month or so with moderate use. For example, I used it every other day and had a battery life of around 5 weeks.
  • The Nikon ProStaff 3 Laser Rangefinder can also be used in almost all environments, as the device is waterproof and fog proof, thus eliminating the need of having to place it in a waterproof pack when carrying it around. This makes it easy for us, especially when it comes down to measuring distances in work-flooded environments, or in harsher ones such as forests.

The clear and uncluttered display also makes this range finder incredibly easy to use as users can also operate it with one hand without experiencing any trouble whatsoever. Additionally, you also don’t have to worry about the device’s mechanisms, as they can easily enjoy shooting with it at both close and long ranges.

As the device displays information in ½ yard increments out to round 99.5 yards, I found that the feature is enough to make this device be considered great from all the points of view.


I consider the product pleasure to use so it’ll also play a great job when it comes down to improving your aim and vision.

The fact that it can be used at a long range for just about any type of activity that involves measuring range.

I personally believe that it comes at a great price, so this makes it perfect for those who need to measure distances.

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Perhaps the only con may be the fact that the device doesn’t have a waterproof battery case.


With all of these factors in mind, I believe that while the Nikon ProStaff 3 Laser Rangefinder isn’t the top of the line, it definitely is a great device from all the points of view that can be used in just about any hunting or distance measurement situation. Its great user reviews, 550 yard range, uncluttered and clear display, design together with the simple fact that it is easy to use and to carry around all work together towards making it a great product that you can definitely enjoy.

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