Best Bushnell BowHunter Chuck Adams Review

Bushnell BowHunter Chuck Adams

Review Summary:

Amazing Laser Rangefinder, equipped with ARC technology (Angle Range Compensation). This product can work well within the range from 5 - 850 yards (4x magnification)

Although I consider myself a novice rifle hunter, I still consider the quality of my key items for the hunt. With a Mossberg 464 Lever Action rifle, I don’t believe in spending for extra unwanted features. Sticking to the basic and really getting value for money is what dictates my shopping habits. Besides my rifle scope, I’ve been thinking about upgrading my shooting skills with a handheld rangefinder.  A few times during hunting season, I was able to borrow a buddy’s Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder. It got the job done and I was able to hit still targets at a furious pace.

I was surprised last Christmas with a Bushnell BowHunter Chuck Adams Edition 4x 20mm ARC Bow Mode Laser Rangefinder, or BowHunter for short, by my mom. Although Bushnell has a reputation for pricey devices, I was relieved to discover that this didn’t cost as much as their deluxe golf rangefinder line. After giving it a go, here’s what I found in unison with what Bushnell has to say about their product.

Features of the Chuck Adams BowHunter

  • Measures LOS from 5 to 850 yards

    According to Bushnell, the BowHunter can attain line-of-sight (LOS) ranges up to 850 yards. That’s perfect for my long range shooting especially with a ranging accuracy of -/+ 1 yard. I also found out that this rangefinder caters to both bow hunting and rifle shooting although it specializes mostly with the bow and arrow.


Bushnell BowHunter Chuck Adams

  • Includes Bushnell’s ARC technology

    Bushnell’s Angle Range Compensation (ARC) is ideal for shooting at angled slopes adjusting the range displayed based on your standing position. So whether you’re hunting a deer from a tree or from an elevated/ depressed terrain, the BowHunter compensates the angle for you and provides you the true distance from 5 to 99 yards.

  • LCD Display

    All measurements (range and angle) are simultaneously flashed on the through-the-lens LCD display. So you can see through the lens and hit the “fire” button at the same time to achieve the range of an object.

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Benefits of the Chuck Adams BowHunter

  • Has a built-in inclinometer

    Apart from displaying LOS measurement and true distance, the BowHunter also shows the user the angle of elevation/ depression thanks to its internal inclinometer. With an angle range of -90 to + 90 degrees and an accuracy of -/+ 1 degree, this hand in hand with the ARC technology provides a precise measurement of the target.

  • Up to 4 times magnification

    The Bushnell Chuck Adams BowHunter provides up to 4 times magnification. This is best intended for long range hunting and shooting. I find the 4x magnification ideal since it allows the hunter to focus on the target without being overwhelmed by the zoom.

  • Easy on the eye

    With multicoated optics, the BowHunter is versatile in diverse environments. This is especially apparent when it is particularly sunny outside. The Bushnell Chuck Adams rangefinder doesn’t have any problems with glare. Also the laser is a Class 1 beam (FDA approved) which is safe for the eyes.


Pros of the Chuck Adams BowHunter

  • Accurate even in diverse terrain

    I’ve tried ranging this and the farthest I got was 800 yards on flat land. It was spot on. But do keep in mind that it’s best to range nearby objects first to determine the distance of your actual target. I usually range a tree in front of and behind my target to estimate a measurement. The ARC technology has been praised in reviews and it is just as accurate as the flat land ranging capability of the BowHunter.

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  • Compact and portable

    With a dimension of 1.4 x 2.9 x 3.8 inches, the BowHunter is easy to slip in and out of your jacket pocket or hip belt. At 5.3 ounces, it is lightweight and portable. I hardly felt it in my pants pocket when hunting.

  • Durable

    Another very handy feature of the BowHunter is it rainproof outer casing. I have also read in reviews that this little device can withstand a fall of 15 feet and still work fine.

Cons of the Chuck Adams BowHunter

  • Problematic in low light conditions

    Like almost all rangefinders, the BowHunter is troublesome at low light conditions. I attribute this to the black font displayed on the LCD screen. It may be visible on a sunny day but during overcast it can be a peeve. Also I noticed that the rangefinder stops performing in heavy fog. I do not recommend you use this in foggy environments. I don’t recommend hunting either.


Overall the Bushnell Chuck Adams BowHunterhas my vote. Despite a few knicks in low light conditions, it is still very accurate. The ARC technology is a huge plus to the serious hunter.  I would recommend this especially for bowhunting. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Certain content that appears on this website comes from This content is provided ‘as is’ and is subject to change or removal at any time without prior notice.