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Why do I need best rangefinder?

My aunt is an avid golfer in Miami, Florida. She’s over 40 but still hitting balls at the exclusive Deering Bay Golf Course with her associates and friends. I was curious myself on how to improve my golfing and asked her on one of our online chats. She told me to try a rangefinder.

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Swing by Swing App

She told me she was unhappy with her earlier games because her scores were already high at the start of the session. She complained to a friend who suggested GPS system like SkyCaddie and she was excited to try it out. She first tried the GolfLogix Swing by Swing app after reading about it online and well, it was a huge fail for her.

She wanted something less complicated that didn’t reflect the sun’s glare.

SkyCaddie GPS

Fortunately, she was able to borrow a GPS from a friend. It was great at first, and showed her the topography of the hole. She told me the display was like my Nintendo Gameboy with 2D graphics in full color. Her problem with a GPS is its limitations as a golf device. Although it does provide a certain yardage, it does not take into consideration the obstacles that can really ruin a good swing.  At her local course, she describes a short par 5 that’s filled with water and even a blind par 3 that’s over 200 yards away.

This is the model I’m talking about

So her point being, the GPS doesn’t really cut it. And well, it didn’t do much to improve her aim either.

The Bushnell V3

The same friend who suggested the GPS, told her to try a laser rangefinder, much like what they use for hunting. Tired of cost-cutting and getting no real results, she went on Amazon and looked for the best rangefinder that suited her. She admits she was immediately attracted to the Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder mostly because it looked really sleek in a black and white color combination. Reading that it was a mere point and shoot device, she thought of the ease of use and how her shaky hands wouldn’t sacrifice her grip of the device.

She finally bought it discounted on Amazon and didn’t really opt for the “slope version” because the extra hundred in the price was a turn off.


Why It Was Worth Every Penny

  • The Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder was definitely the best rangefinder on the market, according to my aunt. She’s no tech genius so the simplicity of the V3 was such a relief to her. She first feared that she would need to download complementary videos but apparently; the instruction manual that came with it was enough.
  • No recalibration needed, and it was ready to go as soon as she turned it on. It came with batteries that advertised a 6-month lifespan.

Recalibration is no need

Anyway, she brought it to Deering Bay Golf Course a few days after tinkling with the device and Wow. It really made a difference in her game. Her scores were at an ultimate low up until the 18th hole. Because all she had to do is point and shoot (much like a pistol), the glare of the midday sun was not a problem.

  • Another great feature of the device is Jolt Technology which she felt makes it at par with the best rangefinders out there. Once you lock in on your target, the Bushnell V3 gives a slight vibration as a signal (sounds GREAT, right?).
  • The V3 does not discriminate. She elaborated that her target was a tiny flag with large trees in the background. Her V3 easily locked in on the flag; not the trees. It gives her accurate readings that go up to 200 yards which I find amazing. It also comes with an equally sleek case with a bungee cord as a lock.

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Ultimately, my aunt is very happy with her Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder. It is easy to use and very accurate on the course. However, her only qualm with the device is the battery life.

Although advertised as having a 6-month lifespan, the rechargeable battery only lasted up to 3 months with her.


Battery life should be considered before purchasing!

Now this may be a problem for me since I don’t want my rangefinder going dead in the middle of the game. However, the Bushnell V3 really has intrigued my interest and even with the battery glitch, I still think it’s one of the best rangefinders out there for golf.

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