A Master in Range Finding – Leica Rangemaster CRF 1600-B 40534 Review

Leica Rangemaster CRF 1600-B 40534 Rangefinder

Review Summary:

I’ve had my fair share of rangefinders. It started with my need for one about 5 years ago in my need to for surveying on my forestry classes. Right now I mainly use it for surveying, but occasionally use it for other things that could be equally important, like measuring the distance to my target for long-distance target shooting, or other trivial things, since I’ve developed an interest in knowing the distance between two points.

I’ve bought a Leica 1600 rangefinder upon seeing it as the model that one of my classmates in the university has been using for his current job. We had a collaboration for one project about 10months ago and I was really impressed with his rangefinder’s quality. To be specific, I was first impressed by how accurate, fast, and consistent his rangefinder was. Afterwards, I noticed how durable the materials used were.


Leica Rangemaster CRF 1600-B 40534

Let me discuss its features and my experience; both good and bad, and hopefully this is helpful.


Design-wise Leica 1600 rangefinder is lightweight, compact, and sturdy weighing roughly 8 ounces at 4.5inches. This rangefinder could stick to its owner through thick and thin with its weatherproof design. Waterproof outside and fog-proof inside. It has optics covered with rings that stop moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the rangefinder, the glass has AquaDura® Lens Coating too. It’s even filled with nitrogen to avoid fogging inside the device. I really do think that if you’re looking for a rangefinder that could stay with you in good-as-new quality for a long-time, this is a very good choice.


Other than that, the shape is easy to hold and the exteriors are made of aluminium and carbon-fiber. The eyecup is adjustable, as it rolls up and down for people who wear glasses.

As for capacity, this device is capable of up to 7x magnification with its 24mm objective lens. It has a very wide range of 10-1600 yards, a 1000yards field of view, 15mm eye relief, and 30 feet close focus. It has the ability to generate and integrate data on temperature, pressure, and angle of declination. All of which add ease and versatility for the users specific and general range finding needs.

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The ups

This rangefinder really delivers top-notch performance. Let me summarize my experience with it as follows.

  • Speed

This rangefinder provides fast results. All I do is basically point and click, and voila, I have the measurements almost instantly.

  • Accuracy, consistency, and performance on low-light conditions

Surveying in forests, I often need to deal with trees and different shades of green. Most times, if the rangefinder’s sensitivity to light isn’t good enough, it’s hard to pick out one tree separately from all the others. But Leica’s lenses and sensitivity to light is really superb. With more light, more color shows, and it isn’t hard to pick out one target from a crowded background and range it. Interestingly, what I really like most about this is no matter the distance, , it never fails and ranges accurately. Results rarely vary, and I never encountered problems with ranging a small or big target. Even at its maximum zoom at 7x, the focus and clarity is surprising. I really would say that performance-wise, this device is superior.


As for my interest in target-shooting, I really like that this product can give a horizontal distance regardless of the inclination. It’s really useful especially for specially designed long-distance target shooting venues.

  • Multipurpose

I often stay outdoors and this rangefinder’s multi-functionality is mostly entertaining, but at the same time useful. It has a built-inthermometer that measures temperature, and even pressure.

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Some downsides

 I would say that I only felt regret one time, and it was during the first few weeks. I used to regret spending over 800USD for this. It’s highly functional and delivers a high performance, it seems pricey on the first few days, but I know this one would last long so no regrets!

This also doesn’t give an EHR the way most people prefer. That’s would have been more convenient but it doesn’t really matter much to me so overall I am very happy with my purchase wand would definitely recommend this to a consumer looking for a top-notch rangefinder. It isn’t called “rangemaster” for nothing.

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