4 Best Rangefinder Accessories From Top Brands

If a rangefinder is your best buddy, keep it fun and make the most out of it.

If you think your rangefinder now is already the best it could be, think again!

If you have trouble in attaching and detaching your rangefinder on your belt and pocket, or if there’s any inconvenience in using it, the top brands for rangefinders most likely have a solution for it. Here, let us explore the top accessories from the top rangefinder brands and see how much better rangefinder usage can be.

Leupold Quickdraw Retractable Tether System


Tether systems are convenient for keeping your rangefinder near, ready for use, and safe from being lost.

It also would help in steadying your grip on the rangefinder once on the field.

This works best to help in making sure that you close-in on the target at the exact point.

What sets Leupold quick draw is its 35” heavy duty Kevlar cord that retracts with a whisper quiet retractor system.  It’s sturdy and quiet, and could be used for golfing, hunting, field work and other purposes. What makes it even advantageous for hunting is its quiet mechanism that won’t alarm animals with sensitive ears.

It could be clipped onto a belt with a lever-lock that is loaded with spring. The retractor locks onto the holster, but could be freed through a thumb release and could be easily shared if others need it. What makes this even suitable and well adapted for golfing a golf cart bracket and strap that comes with it. Allowing the user to keep the device near without keeping it on.

Bushnell X2 Power Reserve


  • This is a power reserve for rangefinders that don’t solely rely on a battery for power, like Hybrid and Neo +.
  • It’s convenient and would allow you to relax even if you’re already getting ready for rangefinding and would find out on the last minute that it’s out of battery.
  • It takes portability to another level, by liberating your rangefinder from reliance on wall chargers or batteries. This is powered by Lithium ion and comes with a carry case. The bestselling point is it also works for most cell phones.

Nikon ProStaff / Riflehunter Case4-Best-Rangefinder-Accessories-From-Top-Brands-3

  • This case is a tough camouflage protector for the rangefinder.
  • It fits ProStaff and Riflehunter laser rangefinders specifically, and is designed to protect it from every day scratches and other threats that may damage the rangefinder.
  • It is made of neoprene, and is thus heat and oil resistant.
  • It has good insulation and is relatively easy to clean.
  • The camouflage also simply looks cool, but could work in trying to blend into pine thickets and prairies too.

Nikon Optics Maintenance Kit            


  • This kit comes with four items, and is meant to sweep dust off from lens.
  • It could also remove residues, stains, and small pieces of dirt in hard to reach places on the lens surface.
  • It comes with a special Nikon cleaning solution, a speck grabber, a small brush called “Nikon static wisk”, and a microfiber cloth called “Tiger cloth”, which is particularly good at keeping stubborn dirt and stains off the rangefinder’s lens.


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